To Salt or Not to Salt


One Fact about salt is that it reduces the ability for your kidneys to remove the water from your body.  This, in turn, raises your blood pressure.  You can see where we go from here if you already have high blood pressure it is a bigger issue.

But darn it salt tastes good!  You have salty drinks, nuts, sweet and salty, you use it to preserve.  Jerky is wonderful and salty, and don’t get me started on Chinese food which I love. Pasta sauce, salad dressing, BBQ, marinades all can have massive doses of sodium.  Frozen meals proclaiming to be healthy read the sodium levels.  Diet food, a low calorie is some of the worst, they had more sodium to make up for the blandness and less fat in the food.

Then there is the trend of “Good” salt, fresh ground salt, Pink Himalayan salt.  They are all still salt just some are not processed or have some more minerals in them than others.

The best thing to do is to read labels.  Read them and then make sure you don’t overuse them.  Be vigilant and experiment with spices other than salt.

Citrus is a great way to flavor something without the sodium, fresh lime and lemon with garlic goes great with chicken and fish.  Fresh lime with onion and cilantro go great with beef.  Stone ground mustard has almost no calories or carbohydrates, sugar or sodium.  It makes a great dressing mixed with some apple cider vinegar you can dress a salad, chicken, fish or all kinds.

Think of flavor, not saltiness.  I have been cooking without salt for years and watching salt content, using low sodium products.  In the US there is a whole line of No Salt seasoning by Mrs. Dash, but these can be replicated with dried mustard, various garlic from minced to powdered, Onion, parsley, ginger, fresh cilantro, various peppers such as black and white. 

Don’t forget fresh additives, onions of every kind sweet yellow, strong white, flavorful green onions, and shallots.  Peppers are also flavorful, sweet peppers, banana peppers, and an array of spicy peppers.

Fruit also adds flavors, diced apples, lemons, limes, plums, pineapples for that sweet addition to your meal.

Try adding fresh basil as you cook, bay leaves, cloves of garlic. 

Don’t be afraid to experiment!

Season your meat let it marinade in the herbs before cooking this gives a more powerful flavor.  Prick your meat with a fork and rub the herbs in even dry let them marinade in a bag to absorb the fullness of the herbs.  Sear the meat to seal the flavor in and then finish cooking according to your recipe.  You won’t be sorry.