Less Stress, More Living


Stress is a real issue in these modern days. It is reported that people who regularly experience physical symptoms caused by stress is 77{ac9d9f155e008506d419849eca02fab6f5f76d6067a156b472b150673f9cda4f}. We all experience stress in our lives but how do we handle it? Is it pharmaceuticals? Alcohol? Or do some of us, most of us just live with it. The thing is, living day by day with stress can have a serious impact in our lives over time. I have personally experience this by just not thinking about it and lock it deep inside a locked chess, beneath the deepest parts of my sea of thoughts. Whenever another event takes place that causes stress, I will just place it in there too. Days turn into weeks, weeks to months and before we know it, stress seems to creep out of this overflowing chest of unknowing results. I have never resolved these thoughts that cause these stress levels to climb higher and higher. Some of us are like bombs, one event triggers the mind and before you know it all those thoughts in this chest explodes out uncontrollably, over flooding our minds to where we can’t seem to function or breath. This is what most would say is a panic attack. I have been there and it is the worse timing when it happens. So here are some simple ways in dealing with stress and resolve your thoughts instead of hiding them in this chest.

When enough, is enough!

1) Breath…

We all know how to do it! We have been doing it since the first breaths we have taken as an infant. Overtime are technique in breathing does get sloppy. Technique is everything. Sit down, close your eyes and breath. Focus on just your breathing, tune into your body and just focus on that. Slow it down and take deeper breaths, and remember! have good posture as you are sitting. Posture is key to breathing, it helps us gain more oxygen into our lungs. As you breath you will notice that your belly fills up with air first. But have you noticed? That you have more room underneath and on each side. Focus on breathing just a little deeper as you concentrate on breathing AND good posture. Slow down and take the time to take some deeper breaths and you will notice a change in your own conscious mind. It allows us to take this moment to really be present. Not the past, nor the future, but present.

Sam Harris has an amazing podcast that I heard his technique for breathing.

He truly explains in more in depth in this YouTube video, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pzMhLmErz5Q

2) Diet

Your diet can have an effect on your own personality. Eating unhealthy foods everyday can cause bloating. Overdoing your portions in your meals will leave you with plenty of extra calories that you end up storing away. Feeling bloated because you know you over ate, or over complicating your meal can have this affect. Just pay attention to your choices everyday. Do you really need sugary drinks at every meal? Mixing up all these complex carbs can definitely make your body harder to process everything and end up with an unhealthy feeling. Eating healthier can be a little challenging, but it is so much simpler than you think!

3) Exercise

We as humans were meant to move! push ourselves and overcome challenges and obstacles within our lives. Exercising in the morning, before work or anything you do allows us to wake up, get the blood moving and take anything that might come at us in our every day lives. Yoga is perfect for starting the day, you are already learning to breath better, have better technique sitting, take it to the next level! This is just the beginning, from yoga you will be more active and more inclined to try new things. Being active is the key though, through breathing, good posture and your new choice of activity, you will want to experience active things that you thought you could not do before. I have been there trust me on this. Joe Rogan has an amazing motivational video on exercise. Click http://www.YouTube.com/watch?v=e_eJRDl2J6Y

Very simply put, Breathing, Diet and Exercise can help you battle the long struggles of stress. Take these steps when you have had enough! You don’t need pharmaceutical prescriptions to help with your own conscious thoughts, or your bloating, weight loss or even depression. It all starts with saying enough is enough! Breath, look into your diet, and exercise. You will be surrounded with people who do the same and those communities are an amazing way to support you into your new life style. Wake up and truly live again.