Is your work depressing you?

Looking down

We spend a huge chunk of our lives at work. If you look at it, every day you sleep for 8 hours (hopefully), travel to and from work for 2 hours (traffic allowing) and then work for 8 hours if you are working normal 9-5. So that leaves you with 6 hours to do all other stuff (cook, shop, wash dishes, watch tv etc). The question then is, how well do you spend those 8 hours at work daily? Do they bring you joy and fulfilment?

Most people cannot respond with a yes to this question because most people “stick it up” just for the pay cheque. Nothing about their jobs brings them joy, in fact some loathe the working environment/ what they do and sometimes who they work with. It gets worse if it starts to make you sick and it can mentally because having a fever or vomiting are not the only signs of being unwell – you can be unwell mentally as well if your mind is flooded with negative thoughts and the thought of being at your work makes you cringe. Once such mental thoughts manifest for long it can affect your attitude and behaviour even making you a bitter and angry person.

A friend of mine went through this for just over 3 years. Every morning she woke up and diligently went to work and put her best foot forward in everything assigned to her for the first few months but her energy levels rapidly dwindled 3 months into it as she did not like her job. She just didn’t like what she was doing and who she was doing it for. It was paying the bills for sure but it didn’t give her any joy or sense of achievement. She felt unappreciated by her colleagues and managers and began to just drag herself to work, constantly watching the clock to ensure she didn’t spend a minute longer than she should at her workplace. Is that a life worth living?

Steve Jobs put it very well in 2005 when he was speaking to the graduates of Stanford University, “if you live each day as if it were your last, one day you will be right.” So if my friend continued living a life of mental depression and met her last day of living at this place she would not have fulfilled anything with her life and truthfully speaking she would have spent a huge chunk of her life slaving for a pay cheque in an environment that brought her misery, regret and despair.

It is normal to have a bad day every now and again, I mean we all have those but if you are having a bad day consistently at your work with your mind full of sadness and negativity every time you are there – then you could be working yourself out into depression. Mental and emotional health is just as important as your physical health because even if you work out every day and eat healthily, if you are depressed and not taking care of your mental health that can lead to more dangerous conditions like hypertension/ stroke and affect your performance.

guy thinking

So have a thorough introspection, if today was your last day alive, would you wake up and go and do what you are about to do (i.e go to your work)? If your answer is no, why? If that work is the last place you want to be then it’s time to seriously consider why you are there and what you will do to change that. My friend did just that, she is now running her own business and ensures to live each day to the fullest and do things that bring joy and fulfilment. Its never too late to make the right choices!