HHP Passing. Possible depression?


Although the cause of well known Motswako artist Jabulani Tsambo’s (HHP) passing is still unknown, there has been speculation that it could have been due to depression. Whether this is true or not remains to be confirmed however it zooms the lens once again on the importance of mental health and watching out for signs of ill health in your family members and friends. If any of your friends or family were to pass away due to depression and feeling like they had no way out the first thought that would come to your mind is why didn’t you see it? Could you have done something to help?

So let us take a proactive stand and be pro good mental health and not just reactive to it when it happens because unfortunately if left untreated/ with no help the consequences can be fatal.

How can you be more proactive? Here’s a few ways to identify it as listed by healthline.com:

  1. Having a hopeless outlook
    Feeling worthless, self hate/ guilt. People can say things like: “what’s the point?/ it’s all my fault”
  1. Lost interest from things you normally would enjoy
    Decreased sex drive, impotence or not look forward to activities/ events you used to enjoy. No longer having that spark or passion
  1. Increased fatigue and sleeping problems
    We all have those days when you feel exhausted but when it happens a lot making you either sleep too much all the time or too little all the time then it’s a problem that can cause anxiety
  1. Anxiety
    Symptoms include: nervousness, feelings of danger, rapid breathing, increased sweating, muscle twitching, trouble focusing on anything else besides your problem
  2. Irritability 
  3. Changes in appetite and weight
    This can be two way: excessive weight gain or excessive weight loss but either way it is intentional as the individual either refuses to eat due to lack of appetite or eats a lot thereby gaining weight.
  1. Uncontrollable emotions
    Depression can cause mood swings. You can be laughing now then for no apparent reason start crying. Emotions fluctuate like a yoyo
  1. Looking at death
    This is when it becomes very concerning when you start contemplating death. People who commit suicide usually mention it before doing or try it and fail before any success in ending their life. So if your friend/ relative has suicidal thoughts and actions the most important thing you can do is get help urgently and lend your ear to them so they can let out their emotions. Do not judge them or rule off their concerns as it’s quite serious to them such that they want to end their life so listen to it seriously as well and give it the attention it deserves.
HHP & Wife
Lerato Sengadi takes to social media after her husband’s passing

The suicide helpline can be reached on 0800567567

Let us help our loved ones and look out for any of these symptoms in them. We cannot undo the past but the actions we take today could save their lives and take the right steps towards mental healing and wellness. RIP Jabba, your legacy lives on