Getting organised with medication for you or a loved one


Being diagnosed with a chronic illness or having a loved one with a chronic illness can be quite overwhelming but it by no means should deter you from living your best life and pursuing your life’s goals. Your health and wellbeing is a mind over matter situation where if you continue to focus on how sick you are and keep feeling sorry for yourself that’s all you will get in life sorrow and dis – ease (see that a breakdown of disease), but if you focus on all the other things going right for you and convince yourself of your wellness you will fell just that wellness and thriving in life never giving a second thought to dis ease.

As Strive & Live, we want you to thrive no matter the circumstance so here’s a few tips to help you get organised with medications so you spend as little as possible time and stress on this:

1. Put a reminder on your phone calendar

Any medication that needs to be taken at specific time is worth putting a reminder, so your phone can remind you. It is quite easy to forget so pin it down on your calendar for safety

2. Label medications

Pharmacist do a good job of labelling each medication to provide the instruction of how much you must administer and how often but on top of that scribble personal notes to yourself on the packages to remind you of any key things and also to make it easier for anyone else administering the medicine.

3. Schedule check ups on your calendar

All smartphones enable you to activate a calendar which will send reminders to you for every Doctor’s appointment you have. It is also worthwhile to look at your week in advance so you can plan ahead for travel to Drs rooms

4. Allocate a shelf for yourself in the kitchen

Put all your medications in one place in a designated place in your kitchen if you need to mix up medicines or in your bathroom if you have enough space (just ensure it’s a closed shelf that won’t be exposed to steam).

5. Listen to good music whilst taking medicines

Yes, be in a very good mood whilst doing it and imagine yourself in very good health. Just feel what it will be like to stop taking the medicines and to be living well. The human mind cannot distinguish fact from imagination so if you imagine it strong enough and feel your good health strong enough over and over and over again – one day it will be your reality!

And of course remember to remind yourself to be at “ease” with everything and live your best life! Life is worth living.