So some time last month I embarked on what is called the Esther Fast – 3 full days and 3 full nights of no food whatsoever in my mouth and no water. It was the longest 3 days ever and day 2 was particularly difficult because my stomach was fighting and pulling all sorts of stunts to get me to eat. I had dizzy spells and felt this ache in the pit of my stomach as if it was saying “eat NOW or Else” but thankfully I managed to fight the urges and deny my stomach. On the 4th day I went back to eating but before that I weighed myself and guess what – I had lost 3kg just like that. No exercise or lifting weights I lost weight just by not eating during those 3 days. I then researched this to find out how I managed to lose so much weight in 3 days and here’s the facts:

    1. Fasting causes insulin levels to fall

    When you do not put any food in your mouth, insulin falls which allows your body to access it’s “reserves” for energy. Those reserves are glucose and body fat. Within just 8hours of not eating, your body burns the glucose reserves and once those are depleted your body starts to break down fat (most effective way to break down fat if you ask me)

    2. Fasting helps to retain muscle mass

    Since your body starts to break down fat reserves you can get results of up to 90% fat loss 10% muscle

    3. Fasting boosts metabolism

    Contrary to popular belief, fasting boosts your metabolism as studies have shown because when you are fasting the body views it as mild stress so the metabolism is actually higher

    4. Fasting causes your body to generate new cells

    Yep this is the ultimate regeneration tools for your body to get rid of old cells and replace with new stem cells. As you get older your stem cell function declines, and this can be reversed by a 24 hour fast. When you starve the body gets rid of parts of the system that might be damaged or old so that when you eat again new cells are formed. Scientists actually believe this can help with aging enabling you to look younger because when you constantly fast and kick start this process your body continuously regenerates its cells – something our bodies struggle to do with time

    5. Fasting may aid in prevention of cancer

    The studies show that prolonged fasting enables your body to get rid of toxins that can sneak their way into your body. Now if that’s the case and your body has less toxins that can attack any of your cells then cancer would struggle to form – so says the scientists.

    6. It helps to clear skin and prevent acne

    This is probably the best part 😊, while you are fasting your body focuses on other processes instead of digestion. You need energy to get by every day so your body will take that energy from fat and dead tissues so you will start to have better looking skin because of the new cells formed and the riddance of the bad cells that are making your skin not look good

    There’s more benefits but they all revolve around the idea of your body cells regenerating just by stopping food intake and allowing these marvellous miracles to happen within you. So what’s the verdict – fasting has tremendous benefits for your body and if you can try to fit in a 24hr fast every now and again. Like all things medical, consult with your Doctor first especially if you have diabetes and any serious chronic conditions because it’s quite a sever intervention so you need to be sure your body can handle it

    Lastly, it’s guaranteed WEIGHT LOSS especially if you do it often and for long periods of time. Just be careful not to over indulge when you break your fast – no such thing as making up for all the meals lost as that will keep you at the levels you do not desire.

    Happy Fasting!