Diets by the millions


Are there millions of diets, I think there are many more. There are probably pieces and nuggets
in each one that could be useful. My personal opinion is that there is no one perfect diet! Does
that surprise anyone. Guaranteed there is much to learn from most of them. What my
adventure or plan is to learn about food and my body as well as my family so I know what to do
and how to feed everyone in the healthiest, most energy, way to eat.
Everyone is different I am sure we have all heard that and true, we burn calories differently at
different ages. Genetics can also weigh in on our health. I would never say don’t follow any
particular diet but I would say consult your physician if you have any health concerns.

I am trying to learn what are fast burning carbs versus slow burning carbs. Slow burning being
healthier and better for diabetics. Good fat versus bad fat, GMO’s, Gluten free and don’t even
get me started on understanding all the variables in a vegetarian, vegan and pescatarian.
Luckily my family does not have any allergies so we can pretty much eat at will.

I do have other aspects to deal with my Special Needs son is somewhat sensory so texture of food matters especially when trying to introduce vegetables and some meats.
We continue to strive for the great tasting food that is
healthy to our bodies. Lean meats is a given, good
oils, avocado, olive, coconut. Fresh vegetables we
should easily be able to figure out the least amount of
chemicals and processes in our food as possible in our

My journey will never end and I will never be a trendy dieter my goal is to be a healthy eater.
Just like New Years resolutions (I don’t do them instead I am working on goals, personal,
business, spiritual, and health).
Another recipe I just cooked because my new stove arrived broken and I was caught up in the
rules of the brand and the store so I ran out and bought an electric skillet. I fell deeply in love!
I had some polish sausage (grass fed, natural casings and some italian sausage (organic)) I
sliced thinly, along with carrots, potatoes, cabbage and apple. Mixed together with some
pepper and powdered garlic stir fried with a little low sodium chicken broth. Wonderful, filling
and delicious! Very easy and everyone actually liked it.