Bev’s 6 year old weight loss journey

Bev After

Life begins at 40 some say and this was ever so true for Beverley Mashego who began her weight loss journey when she was turning 40 in 2012.

Whilst most use this milestone as a massive celebration and reward themselves with a new ride/ trendy clothing/ holiday getaway, Bev used it to reflect and “reward” herself with a summer bod – a path least taken due to the sheer determination and lifestyle changes required. Mid life presented an opportunity for the mother of 2 to start a new chapter in her life and focus on her body and her health after spending the years prior to that fluctuating weight above 120kg.

The journey began slow, she first made changes to her diet which is always a good place to start. “I love my food and do not want to be miserable” she laughs. So this meant gradual interventions to the quantities and types of food she took like substituting pap and meat with tasty vegetables and smaller quantity meat; substituting traditional 3 times a day meals with healthy snacks every 3 hours comprising of protein, vegetables/fruits and drinking much more water than she ever had before. “It was an adjustment. Not easy but you get used it with time, now its rare to have pap in my house, we are used to the dietary changes” she reflects as just a couple of months into doing that she started to feel changes and the scale started moving in the right direction (downwards) which encouraged her to keep going.

She joined the Herbalife Nutrition program which provides supplement meals/ proteins that are low in calories but have all the nutrition the body needs. She prepares the shake every morning as breakfast and loves the different flavours as she can “spice” them up with fresh fruit to make it more juicy. “As I said, I don’t want to be miserable – I need to enjoy my food” she affirms and ensures to do. Who says healthy food must be bland and colourless? For lunch, she plays around with salads and meat be it chicken, beef, lamb or ostrich (she LOVES ostrich) and tops it all up with plenty of water and biltong in between. It would be a disaster to embark on a weight loss program and not enjoy your meat and she does just that. Bev also exercises regularly and enjoys jogging with friends and her children – as a resident of Cape Town she can also enjoy the perks of the ocean and take long walks by the beachfront.

All the hard work started to pay off approximately 3 years into the program as the scale continued to go down. Now she is an ambassador for Herbalife nutrition and could qualify for that super model title as she has dropped dress sizes and her smile has reached new horizons!

Now obviously one cannot expect to transform into a super model body over night so she accepted that and continued working towards her goal. Now 6 years later – she is 76kg (scale still going down), healthy, happy and eager to share her weight loss experiences with all to prove that it is possible, with determination and sticking to the changes you make in your diet, exercising regularly (not for 1 month and giving up because your weight hasn’t changed) and drinking lots of water that summer body can become the biggest gift to you! Looking to lose some weight too and need some advice and encouragement? Reach out to Bev on