Allergic to Roll On?


Yep, believe it or not there are some people whose skin does not react well to anti-perspirant roll on. It starts with an itch usually then little bumps appear and in worst cases those bumps turn into boils. A boil starts firm then overtime ripens until you can remove the pus out of it with a syringe or obtain assistance from your medical professional. Quite a few people have complained of this problem and it doesn’t seem to get solved through changing the type of roll on you use. So, what can you do? We won’t leave you to suffer alone, here’s a few tips to manage your sensitive armpit skin:

  • Try deodorant spray

It’s not as effective as roll on however it allows your skin to breathe without leaving that sticky residue that roll on leaves so try the sprays labelled “anti perspirant” spray which might help with sweat. Later during your day you will still smell though especially if you are active so you can carry one in your bag for refresh and touch ups should your armpits get sticky and smelly

  • Wash with bicarbonate of soda

Mix 4 pinches of bicarbonate of soda with a few drops of water to make a smooth paste then dab it under your armpits just as you are preparing to go into the bath/ shower. Bicarbonate of soda has odour control properties and it doesn’t have preservatives or additives that could cause reaction so sensitive skins can also try. When bathing, scrub it around your armpit area and clean off. This will help with odour control

  • Try organic products

If your wallet allows, purchase some natural body sprays. Because these are made out of organic products they shouldn’t cause reactions (hopefully)

  • Try speedsticks instead of liquid roll ons

Some manufacturers provide a solid version of roll on and usually label it “speed stick”, these are solid and 

therefore last longer and also manage your sweat and odour control without making your skin damp. These are more expensive than normal roll on but also last longer, with efficient use 1 bottle can last you a good two months.

If you have tried all these and the problem persists, you should definitely consult a dermatologist and also refrain from all traditional roll on until the right solution is provided to you. Continuing with your routine without help won’t save you the strain bad odours and the discomfort of having boils around your armpits.